Construction Monitoring

Construction monitoring challenges

Construction sites work on tight plans, schedules, and deadlines. And at any site, accurate and ongoing monitoring of construction progress and workforce behavior is crucial to forecast planning, as well as compliance with safety and other regulations. Yet manual construction progress monitoring is labor-intensive, inaccurate, and subjective. And without constant vigilance, workforce behavior can influence progress and create unnecessary regulatory liability.

percepto at industrial site

The only solution for automated construction monitoring

Autonomous robots managed by Percepto AIM automatically and constantly monitor progress at construction and other sites. Leveraging high-resolution cameras and an AI-powered software suite, Percepto delivers continuous situational awareness, progress assessments, actionable insights, and up-to-date reports.

Percepto also closely monitors the implementation of critical safety procedures, as well as the arrival and deployment of materials and equipment.

Automated construction progress monitoring
managed by Percepto AIM offers:


Increased productivity
and efficiency

Monitor site productivity with
continuous visual data streams.


operational costs

Ensure contracted work is performed
on time, preventing costly fines.



Enforce safety protocols and monitor
progress with no human involvement.


Streamlined regulatory

Maintain a digital system of records of site
construction progress and employee safety.

How our clients autonomously monitor work progress

Real time monitoring insights for large energy company’s oil & gas refinery construction

One of the largest energy companies in Mexico utilizes Percepto’s solution to monitor the construction of a new oil & gas refinery. Previously relying on manual inspections, contractor reports and materials delivery reports to gain site insights, the company now has 24/7 access to monitor their site from any location. With up-to-date high-resolution maps and 3D models, site managers know exactly what’s going on at their site and can effectively ensure deadlines are met.