Siemens Energy automates plants inspections with Percepto and maintains availability

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  • The mission at Siemens Energy is to empower their customers to meet the growing global demand for energy while transitioning to a more sustainable world.
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“The biggest benefit from Percepto technology is being able to trace or to locate the faults in a very quick way. Before Percepto, we were not able to trace issues easily, and it would take us a long time to understand that we have those problems on our site. Using Percepto, we are saving time and increasing employee safety.”
– Avishay Malul, Siemens Energy, Power Plant Manager

The challenge: maintain 100% availability

The Siemens Energy power plant in Israel is based on natural gas producing 73 megawatts. If the plant fails to achieve its daily production plans, there might be a commercial risk. To ensure the plant was properly operating, Siemens Energy performed manual walk-throughs to spot findings that needed to be addressed. The team was determined to identify issues more quickly while keeping employees safe.

The solution: boosting inspections and
security patrols


Automated fault detection

Regular inspections are run collecting high-quality visual data so faults and issues can be spotted early. With Percepto AIM, Siemens Energy detected clogged pipes in the ACC, which could impact power plant production.


Reports after each mission

Percepto AIM provides reports with actionable insights after each mission. Data is automatically uploaded after each drone flight which is analyzed using highly sophisticated AI and deep-learning algorithms.


On-site autonomous drones

Percepto drones are housed on-site enabling unmanned, frequent plant inspections. Employees are kept out of harm’s way and inspections can be done from a remote location at the most convenient time.


Shutdown monitoring

Siemens Energy leverages autonomous inspection & monitoring technology to monitor activities on site during shutdowns.

The benefits:
Quickly identify faults and minimize downtime

Percepto enables Siemens Energy to conduct automated plant inspections. Siemens receives data and actionable insights at the end of each mission, so they are able to identify faults easily and quickly. Faults can even be addressed before they occur, and plans are developed for annual outages. By using Percepto, Siemens is minimizing downtime and improving productivity.

Because of the benefits from using Percepto at the power plant, Siemens Energy is scaling up the technology worldwide.