Securing industrial sites – autonomously and remotely

AI-powered security helps keeping an eye on individuals, infrastructure and assets

Percepto’s multi-mission capabilities enable conducting not only regular inspections, but also perimeter patrols, gate and fence integrity monitoring, gas and fire detections. Persistent inspections enhance situational awareness and increase deterrence, while advanced capabilities such as object counting provide constant monitoring of stocks, creating alerts in the case of suspected theft.

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Benefits of autonomous security


Tightened perimeter security

Persistent and consistent AI-powered security patrols to detect intruders and potential breach points, and monitor perimeter infrastructure.


Boosted emergency response

Robots perform security patrols and inspections even when personnel are not available on site, facilitating faster and streamlined response.


Enhanced safety

Autonomous robots perform security patrols and respond to detected threats, enhancing situational awareness and keeping your employees safe.


Business continuity

Diminish security risks even when physical operations must be minimized, enabling uninterrupted operations.

Your high-tech security blanket

 Percepto AIM software manages the collection of high-frequency and high-quality data, harvesting autonomous robots. Gain real-time visibility into security threats, with alerts for situations that call for your immediate attention.

24/7 Situational awareness
  • Capture
  • Upload
  • Analyze
  • Manage
Get alert

Tech highlight: autonomous detection

Detecting and alerting breaches in real-time is instrumental to enhancing overall site security

  • Detect and deter unauthorized access
  • Alert in the event of intrusion
  • Geotagged location enables swift action

Automate security at:

Electric utilities

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Solar energy

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Oil & gas

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Industrial sites

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Ports & terminals

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Automating security

How are drones used for industrial security?

Autonomous drones conduct perimeter security patrols, gate inspections, parking lot monitoring, inventory inspections and more – all without the need for additional security personnel.  When available on site, drones-in-a-box guarantees a 24/7 all-weather patrol frequency and efficacy – detecting and alerting breaches in real time, facilitating theft prevention and enhancing overall site safety and security.

What is AI-powered security?

AI is used in a few ways. AI-powered drones fly autonomously to monitor security risks or facilitate response to security situations. AI is also used for detection & tracking or humans (potential intruders) or objects. AI can also be used to track inventory levels for example to alert in case of suspected theft.

What is the part that industrial site security plays in business continuity?

For large and remote industrial sites, security can represent a significant bottom-line expense. Security events can interrupt operations, and the need to minimize personnel on-site presence has forced the industry to shift towards remote security operations.

How our clients fully automate security

International automaker plant closes due to COVID19, relies on automated security patrols.

A major international automaker deployed the Percepto solution at one of its production facilities to augment security efforts on site. With security teams already stretched thin, the facility looked to increase coverage, reduce human error and keep their employees safe. When COVID-19 hit, they were forced to close the plant and rely on hundreds of monthly remotely controlled autonomous drone flights to maintain security while personnel couldn’t get on-site. Percepto drones constantly monitored the closed site, with real-time security breach alerts empowering the security team remotely