Emergency response

Optimizing emergency response with autonomous inspections and monitoring

Because an emergency does not have to turn into a catastrophe

Can you avoid certain emergencies? Sure, but not all. And, if an emergency does happen, how do you control or minimize its impact?

Everyone can be affected by an emergency situation. This is especially true in the case of industrial sites, where faults and defects can escalate into large scale disasters that threaten human life, infrastructure, and the environment. Deploying an unmanned solution that enables immediate situational awareness can make a world of a difference in helping to improve resilience to these threats by enhancing emergency preparedness, raising the ability to handle incidents, and supporting recovery from them.

Brochure: Percepto AIM

Automating inspections, monitoring and emergency response

Benefits of autonomous emergency response


Increase safety

Autonomous robots respond to safety and security events, enhancing situational awareness and keeping your employees safe.


Remote operations

Remote AI-driven event management enabling safe collaboration from stakeholders on and off site.


Reduced response time

Immediately gain a bird’s eye view of high-risk areas without waiting for response teams to arrive.


Increase productivity and efficiency

More efficient first response leads to minimizing downtime, efficient damage assessment and quicker recovery.


Streamlined regulatory compliance

Maintain a digital system of records of site asset integrity and emergency situations as they unfold.

Industrial emergency response with Percepto AIM

Our autonomous inspection and monitoring solution drives better situational awareness and maintenance, so that emergencies happen less frequently. And since not ALL emergencies can be avoided, Percepto AIM can support sudden or unexpected situations, reduce damage to persons, buildings and equipment – protecting the environment and accelerating return of normal operations.

Automated response
  • Capture
  • Upload
  • Analyze
Get situational

Tech highlight: Percepto Base-readiness for action in any emergency

In order to be able and respond to any emergency, the solution needs to be available on your site 24/7, without needing to be brought or manually launched in the case of an emergency. Percepto Base is an industrial-grade, weatherproof (IP56) smart enclosement, storing the drone when not in operation, protecting it, charging it, and keeping it ready to launch at a momentā€™s notice.

  • Patented docking & charging mechanismĀ 
  • Patented landing technology
  • Automatic, secure high-resolution data uploadĀ 
  • Integrated weather station

Improve emergency response at:

Electric utilities

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Solar energy

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Oil & gas

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Industrial sites

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Ports & terminals

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