Modeling and measurement

Modeling and measurement challenges

Industrial-scale extraction and production sites maintain large-scale open-air inventories that change daily. The amounts added to this inventory are a measurement of production, and need to be monitored closely. Yet measurement requires specialized, costly and material-specific equipment. Piloted drone solutions offer a partial solution, yet are expensive, subject to pilot error and availability, and require manual data upload and analysis.


The only solution for modeling and measurement

Autonomous robots managed by Percepto AIM regularly conduct inventory measurement missions – in almost any weather condition, around the clock. Leveraging advanced on-board sensors and AI-powered analysis, the Percepto solution delivers up-to-date data 3D models and actionable insights.

This helps extraction sites understand trends impacting production, and streamline operations by using inventory measurement as a baseline for operational deployments.

Automated modeling and measurement managed by
Percepto AIM offers:


Increased productivity
and efficiency

Create 3D models and measurements anytime, from anywhere in the world.


operational costs

Support precise materials transport planning with frequent measurements and modeling.



Perform risky site measurements and modeling with no human involvement.


Streamlined regulatory

Maintain a digital system of records of site models, materials and maps.

How our clients streamline modeling and measurement

Leading mining corporation fully
automates remote pile inspections

One of the leading metals and mining corporations relies on Percepto AIM and Percepto’s autonomous drones to perform pile inspections supporting logistics teams and materials transport efficiency. Previously, pile inspections were performed manually, until the company turned to Percepto in late 2019. Deployed on-site and available 24/7, the Percepto drone automatically and routinely flies daily inspection missions, collecting, capturing and analyzing data, all controlled remotely by the off-site operations team.