RockBlast digs deeper
with Percepto

Percepto automates large-scale mining site inspection to
boost safety, compliance and security

About RockBlast

Since 2010, RockBlast has been recognized as the go-to company for technological innovation in Chile’s massive mining sector. Today, RockBlast focuses on providing advanced drone services to some of the largest corporate mines in Chile.


The challenge:
guaranteeing safety, security and environmental compliance

Mining operations are by definition geographically remote, distributed, equipment-intensive and highly-regulated. This makes close oversight of stockpiles and equipment, site and perimeter security, and compliance with safety and environmental regulations an ongoing challenge.

The solution: Percepto autonomous drones

RockBlast deployed Percepto autonomous drones at a major Chilean mining conglomerate to automate pile inspections for more accurate stock management, continuously inspect tailings dams and other assets like conveyor belts, trucks and equipment, conduct aerial surveys for blast site planning, and enhance overall site safety and security.


Stockpile inspections

Percepto’s autonomous drone scans stockpiles on a weekly or even daily basis, generating highly accurate volumetric measurements.


Tailings dams inspections

With fully autonomous tailings dams inspections, Percepto’s solution delivers reports on wall integrity, amount of solids in the dam, water levels and more.


Facility inspections

Autonomous drones monitor haul trucks, conveyor belts, equipment. They also perform aerial surveys and assist in pre- and post- blast analysis.

The benefits: safety,
compliance, security

With Percepto, RockBlast is able to offer its large-scale mining customers better site safety, stricter compliance with local and international regulations, better overall site productivity and dramatically improved security.