ICL Dead Sea slashes downtime
with Percepto

Percepto fully automates infrastructure inspections, raises security for massive chemical concern

icl dead sea

  • ICL is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of potash, and produces a third of the world’s bromine.
  • 60% of ICL’s raw minerals are excavated from the company’s Dead Sea Works site.
  • ICL also owns and operates sites in Europe, China, the US, Africa and South America.

“Percepto enables us to monitor and secure our site in the most efficient and safe way possible. It is part of our commitment to integrate the latest technologies into our business for the most streamlined and cost efficient business practices.“
– Shay Hen, ICL Dead Sea Drone Program Manager

The challenge:
Improve maintenance of privately operated power grid

ICL’s massive Dead Sea Works site runs on a private electric grid that requires constant monitoring to ensure production uptime. Yet the site is located at the lowest place on earth, in one of the world’s harshest climates – making manual inspections of the power grid, as well as site security, challenging. Moreover, the facility looked to streamline materials management, automate other critical asset inspections, as wella s bolster security.

The solution: maximize inspection frequency
and accuracy


Pile inspection

Percepto performs 3D pile inspections, supporting logistics teams and allowing for precise planning of materials transport. Reports are sent directly to relevant stakeholders with accurate, up to date volumetric measurements.


Power grid inspection

Percepto fully automates routine inspections of the site’s private power grid, inspecting electric poles with its dual payload day and night. Assets or parts out of a specified temperature range are identified, and visibly identifiable faults are detected with Percepto’s AI-powered anomaly detection.


Security patrols

Percepto performs routine security patrols with no human involvement, responding to security events using its AI-powered human and object detection and tracking capabilities.

The benefits: minimized outages and downtime

Percepto enables ICL Dead Sea to streamline inspections of site power infrastructure – including nighttime and thermal inspections – while implementing preventive maintenance strategies that reduce downtime. This not only increases site awareness, but also enhances overall productivity. Further, Percepto helps ICL Dead Sea achieve greater site security by augmenting existing ground patrols, measurably improves the facility’s safety and emergency response, and streamlines production by keeping decision makers in the know.